Reasons for not finding your dream job and three tips on how to find your dream job

Do you go to work each day and feel like you are going to play? Would you like to trade your current employment for such a dream job or career?

It seems that most of us just work in jobs that are only the best options we see around us at the time. Maybe this lack of pursuing our passion is the reason that overall productivity has consistently fallen over the past years. The decrease is not by a large amount but it does steadily fall each year or in the best case of describing it, productivity remains stagnant. And when productivity is not happening and dreams aren’t happening, then we see limits, failures, and decreases in many areas of our lives.

By choosing what is our best option at the time and not pursuing our dreams or by not going to find those dreams and digging them out of their hiding places, we have may be choosing laziness and complacency. Refusing to step out of our comfort zones and to stop pursuing our dreams can also cause us to become detached from our passions altogether. And that is indeed called SETTLING. Selecting leads to a slow death of dreams and this comes from our own complacency and self-imposed limitations; our own choices.

Many of us have been blessed with people who challenge us to expand our world and challenge our securities. If this is not your case and you are not so lucky then it all falls on you to challenge yourself to seek more than just settling. Yet ultimately, blessed with people who push us or not, it still boils down to our own choices. We are all responsible for our own actions and destiny even when we have people to encourage us so we still must act.

Here are three tips that will help us in finding our dream job and begin the process of making things happen:

Challenge ourselves to move beyond our comfort zone and take action for ourselves.

Recall things in our past that made us happy. Dreams are things that we do with passion and joy and are usually things that we do in our free time.

Begin the process of planning our new career. This process includes researching the things that moves us and laying out a plan on how to get there.

These three tips are just beginning steps in finding a dream job and making it happen. We can only begin at the beginning. Check back frequently as more blogs will be posted on finding your dream job and making your dream job a reality.

A recommended book to read: The book QUITTER by Jon Acuff is an excellent read for those who want to move away from their current job and find their dream job. It gives great advice and insight to those who want to take their dream a step further.

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Casey Anthony not guilty?

After six weeks of testimony and many lies by Casey Anthony, the jury determined that she is not guilty of murdering her daughter Caylee Marie.

Caylee was missing for 31 days and her body was so badly decomposed that there was not enough evidence to use to determine what happened. Yet Casey Anthony’s attorney claimed that her repeated lies were due to sexual abuse by her father, which led her to being a pathological liar.

This indeed is a very strange, mysterious case. I just want to know what your thoughts and views are on this. Thanks for your comments.

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Top online buys and sales

You can find some great buys and sales online. Here are some of today’s top money-saving deals that can be found on the Internet:

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Four Night All Inclusive Cancun Vacation w/ Air travel plus Kids Stay Free $369 per person

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How to use LinkedIn to find a job is the most popular business networking website. Here are some how to’s to use LinkedIn to help you find a job:

Make sure that your profile is complete. Post a photograph, fill out your bio completely, include your work experience and education. Make sure everything is complete. If you don’t understand how to do this or need help in completing your LinkedIn profile and information, hire a social media manager or an online writer who will know how to effectively do this for you. Your profile is an extension of your resume; an extension of YOU.

Get recommendations from people you know. Your fellow classmates, colleagues, previous employers, and more can offer the recommendations that will help tell the world about you and the work that you do and/or have done. They can also give much insight to you as a person, your character, personality, work ethics, and more.

Connect and network with people in your particular industry. Get to know them. Pay attention to what they do and what they are posting. Comment and respond.

Search for jobs in the “JOBS” category at LinkedIn.

Pay attention to the job postings that are posted frequently throughout the day.

Let others know that you’re looking for work and give them the details of what you can do and what you’re looking for.

Read people’s profiles and connect with those who have the jobs that you’re looking for. Stick with first and second degrees only. (At LinkedIn, you’re connected to people according to degrees. If you’ve worked with or went to school with someone, you’ll be their first degree connection. If you’re connected to someone because of a mutual colleague or past school mate, that is a second degree connection and so on.)

There are lots of ways to use LinkedIn to help you find a job. These are just a few tips. Please check back as more will be posted. Happy job hunting!


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What you need to know about Elance, the popular work online website

Here are some things to know when considering to work for

Elance was started in 1999.

Elance is legitimate and they do pay.

Thousands of people post jobs and projects using the site.

Thousands find work using the Elance website and program.

A few people make good money and these people make it look like you can get a good income and do Elance projects as a full time job.

However, those who make lucrative income usually work long hours, probably seven days per week. They may have a team of people helping them.

Many people find that it takes months of hard work before they see a decent amount of pay.

Don’t look at the high-paying projects and think that you can easily replace your regular job.

Don’t look at the high-paying jobs and think that hard, hard work plus long hours (and perhaps a staff who can help you) aren’t involved.

Do know that you can get started working online on a part time basis with Elance.

It is not a scam.

Elance is a good way to learn how to work online, how to stay committed, and be persistent.

When choosing Elance, be realistic and know that as with most good things, it takes time, commitment, and good old hard work.

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With this economy crisis, can we afford war? History reveals the answer.

In the past ten years, the United States has spent over $1 trillion on war and yet this enormous amount is not accurately reported. A few studies have shown that the amount spent on funding war is inaccurate as the cost of funding war is much higher. One such study that was recently conducted is by the Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies.


Although recent announcements have proclaimed that troops in Afghanistan will soon be withdrawing and heading back to the United States, trillions of dollars have already been spent. The question is in this recession, can we afford wars?


History reveals the answer time and time again. Begin back in time, many great empires have had their day in the sun. Yet empires rise and empires fall. So countries rise and fall. For example, the Roman Empire was unstoppable and almighty on many levels. Back when Rome was in power, it appeared that nothing could cause it to falter. Yet as with most things, what goes up must come down. Bubbles form and rise and pop. Such is the case with Rome and its Roman Empire along with many other countries and their political and economic power.


It isn’t just war that causes countries to crumble. There are many factors that come into play and all at once. Like a dominoes effect, these factors play upon one other and are linked. One factor sways and topples over and causes the other then the other then the other to fall until you get the dominoes effect. The factors include natural disasters, political issues, health issues, economic issues, financial issues, and many more. Then when the funding of a war, or wars, are added, it’s similar to the straw that broke the camel’s back.


So if you look back at what history has to reveal, it will show that time and again, a country that is standing on the wobbly legs of a weak economy and an economic crisis cannot afford to fund a war. Such countries cannot afford war. And although, troops will soon be withdrawing from Afghanistan per President Obama’s order, the damage has been done. Mind you, this is not to say that I am endorsing the funding of war or not endorsing it. It is also not to say that I am for or against war. There is a time and place for war and the defense of our country as well as assisting other countries.


The purpose of this blog is to say that the answer to the question, “With this economy crisis, can we afford war?” The answer is found by looking at history which reveals that we cannot afford to fund a war during a recession or economic crisis. We also cannot afford to be reporting inaccurate information such as how much has been spent in funding war. It is important to be honest and open with yourself, government leaders and those who make major decisions, to be honest and direct with your citizens and residents.

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Inexpensive Summer Activities for Kids

It shouldn’t be expensive to have fun with your kids during the summer. There are options in your own home and neighbourhood where you can have a great summer. Make this summer vacation a summer vacation they will remember.

If the heat of the summer is too much to take, try setting up a kiddie pool, a slip and slide or let your kids run around in the sprinklers. Invite their friends over to join in the fun and give them popcicles and cold drinks. You can even buy some pavement chalk and decorate your driveway, then wash it away and start all over. Squirt guns and spray bottles are another way to stay cool on hot summer days. So are water balloon fights and blowing bubbles, or making mud pies. If it rains, get outside and run around on the lawn and let the rain soak you. Let the kids help you wash the car and, when they least expect them, spray them with the hose. Cut loose and have fun.

Before the sun is high in the sky, or as the sun is setting, get outdoors and enjoy nature. In the cool of morning, evening or on moderate weather days, have a day to enjoy nature. Take your kids on a walk in the neighbourhood. If you happen to have a wooded area nearby, explore the trees and leaves and critters there. Use your imaginations. Make a game of it. Ask your kids to tell you what tree a leaf came from or name a flower or bug. They will have fun looking for things and they will be learning too. When you get home, check the flowers and bugs names online. You can even brin a camera along to take pictures of the things you find. Take your kids somewhere with a lot of scenery and bring some paint and paper so they can draw what they see. If you live near a beach or a lake, pack a picnic lunch, some sunscreen and some water and toys and make a day of it. Spend the day digging in the sand and making castles or look for sea shells. There are several ways to take in the nature that is around you. It’s fun and you could end up learning about things you didn’t know before.

You can enlist the help of your kids and plant flowers or vegetables. You could even visit a “pick-your-own” fruit farm. Try having a picnic at sunset instead of the middle of the day. Or, get up early and have a breakfast picnic. Talk a barefoot walk in the grass or in the sand. Pick flowers. Cook outside on the grill and let your kids help, with supervision. If there is a place close by, you could even consider a camp fire and making s’mores. Pitch a tent in the backyard and have a camp out. Remember that the moon and stars are part of nature as well.

You can even play games and sports with your kids this summer. You don’t even have to join a team, just take them to a park and start a game of your own of soccer, touch football, frisbee, whatever. If you can, and your children are interested, you can certainly go the route of putting them on a sports team. But summertime is the best time to try new things without being tied down. It’s a time for fun. Go for a bike ride around the neighbourhood. Teach your kids some new jump rope rhymes from when you were a kid. Play hopscotch. Make up a scavenger or treasure hunt. With a scavenger hunt, all you need is a list of twenty or so items that can be found in nature. Give a list to the kids and let them go for it. The winner could get an ice cream party where everyone enjoys the ice cream. For a treasure hunt, leave clues around the house or the yard. Each clue leads to the next clue, and so on, until they find the treasure – a small prize of whatever you decide. It can be anything.

There are even more summertime outdoor sports and games, such as kick ball with the kids in the neighbourhood. You can take them to fly kites. You can hold a three-legged race or an obstacle course, even freeze tag is fun. You could build paper airplanes and have a contest with them.

With ideas from your kids, you can come up with something fun to do every day of the summer if you think about it. Try thinking of free or relatively inexpensive activities like water, nature and sports and games. Being outdoors in the summer is exactly what your kids want, but don’t forget the sunscreen and hats and try to limit the time in the heat of the sun. If you have older children, some of these activities can be done after the sun goes down. Have a fun summer with your kids! 

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