Telethon of Stars has raised millions for research centres in Quebec

For many years, the Telethon of Stars has raised over $55 million for various research centers in Quebec. The money has been distributed to different clinics and organizations including the Montreal Children’s Hospital and Ste. Justine’s Hospital. The Telethon broadcast over 27 hours of live programs during a weekend and many performers, volunteers, corporate donors, individual donors and more work hard to make this event happen. It is their goal to assist those who deal with, care for, and conduct research for children with diseases.

This Telethon of Stars is Quebec’s largest source of non-governmental funding for children’s health research in Quebec. The Telethon’s contributions go to the Montreal Children’s Hospital, the CHU Sainte-Justine Hospital, the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec and the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke. Donations and volunteerism also supports the newly established pan-Canadian Maternal, Infant, Child an Youth Research Network .

Please support those who are involved in the research, aid, caring, and dealing with children diseases. Thank you.



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