The importance of marketing

Many people wait until they start making sales and seeing profit before they do marketing. Many don’t think marketing is that important or put it off as last priority. Yet there are others who think that sales and marketing are the same.

What is marketing and why is it important? First off, sales and marketing is not the same. They are not the same processes. Sales is when someone buys a product or service and there is an actual transaction accomplished. Marketing is the promotion (or promoting) of the product or service. If marketing is not done, it’s as if you create a product or provide a service and put it on the shelf waiting for customers and clients to walk in and make a purchase. In today’s competitive global economy, this usually does not work.

The processes of marketing involves advertising, promoting, press releases, content writing, social media, online marketing tools and much more to tell people about what you have to offer. Marketing brings your products and/or services to your target audience (your primary and secondary market) and draws them to you. So basically, it might be even more important that what your product or service. (An explanation will be provided to explain the importance of what you offer is at the end of this blog.)

Think of some silly items that were huge hits. The pet rock, for instance. A rock with eyeballs glued to it. They were huge and now even the words “pet rock” brings to mind something from all the marketing that created an ordinary object – rocks – to be household names and common terms that we still use today. The Chia Pet. An object that grows grass to resemble hair on a fake animal or pet. Some pretty creative and extensive marketing was behind the scene of the thousands that were sold.

Since the goal of marketing is to bring awareness to products and services, the marketing tactics should be creative and ongoing. It is a very competitive world that we live and do business in so your branding, business, strategies, products, and services must be geared toward your target. Of course, the quality and quantity of your products and services are very important as if you don’t provide top notch products and extraordinary service than you will have disappointed customers/clients as well as major headaches in refund and returns and customer service and tech support processes. However, having stated this, what your target audience (your primary and secondary customers/clients) want and need should be of utmost importance. Marketing allows you to find out what they need and want, provide them with what they long for, and let them know that you have it available. The steps of marketing will help you to understand your target and create and improve your product and service.

Don’t underestimate the importance of marketing.


About Stephane Manos

Stephane Manos has developed several online companies. While working as an online entrepreneur, he fell in love with the sales aspect and recruited some of the best clients and affiliates the companies have ever had. The fun, he found was in building the connections and relationships. One of Stephane's top qualities is being able to motivate. He found a passion in motivating others which in return motivated him. Happy colleagues and clients would send word-of-mouth referrals and increase traffic to his online businesses. Teamwork is something that Stephane promotes. The focus is not on self or individuals but in working as a team to reach the same goals. It is his role as a leader to lead the team by example. Currently, his interest is in real estate investments and financial investments. He is now looking into emerging markets such as the Middle East. He also believes some of the better deals can be found in certain parts of the United States. Many distressed buyers are looking to liquidate. Developing new online businesses, purchasing commercial and residential real estate, and developing rentals has led him to travel around the world. Stephane Manos contributes a portion of his time and earnings to charitable associations and philanthropic groups. His charities are: -Children's Telethon -AHEPA brotherhood and Shriners -REVIVRE Bipolar Support Assocation
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