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Industries turn to Internet and technology to provide services – population has mixed feelings

Entrepreneurs constantly seek out and/or create new ventures, ideas, and enterprises. They are challenged and thrive on seeing the next greatest and latest before it becomes the norm and mainstream. They take it upon themselves to weigh risks, advantages, disadvantages, … Continue reading

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Investing in farm lands, agriculture, and commodities – farmers may be the next millionaires

In a previous blog, I mentioned that agriculture and farm lands will most likely make farmers and investors the next millionaires. I still strongly believe this is going to happen. Just take a look at history and see for yourself. … Continue reading

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Finding online work at Elance vs. finding online work at Freelancer

In a recent post, was recommended as an excellent way to start working online and find jobs and projects on which you can bid. These projects range from one day to ongoing work. It was also mentioned that the … Continue reading

Posted in Business, Entrepreneur, Internet | Leave a comment is a great site to earn part time income online is a great website for those of you who want to start making part time income by working online. There are thousands of jobs and positions available and it is up to you to bid on the projects that … Continue reading

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Great Bargains in Las Vegas Condos Foreclosure and Short Sales

If you’re in the market for cheap and affordable Las Vegas condos, now is the perfect time to buy. With foreclosures and short sales abound throughout the United States and in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can purchase a condo at … Continue reading

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How to use social media to market your business

The Internet has introduced social media which once started as a way for friends and classmates to connect but now businesses by the thousands are using social media also. Social media sites allow for cheap and/or very affordable marketing. They … Continue reading

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Miami Beach Art Deco District

Miami Beach Art Deco District is a real life, moving, eclectic museum. Everywhere you go are imprints of the creations of architects and artists. While strolling in the Miami heat, you’ll experience the history as it unfolds in front of … Continue reading

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