Mixing business with pleasure

It’s okay to mix business with pleasure. When you’re self employed, when you’re an entrepreneur, and/or when you work online it’s not only fun to, it’s crucial. Your business is yours. It is you. Therefore, it’s as if every part of your business makes up you and every part of you makes up your business. That is, unless you aren’t passionate about what you’re doing. So go ahead and mix the professional with the personable.

For instance, if you’re on a business trip, be sure to throw in some social activities. If you’re on a fun getaway, make sure to connect with a business contact and/or schedule a business meeting or interview. That’s the beauty of today’s way of conducting business, particularly when working online.

As you’re out and about enjoying the new area during your vacation, be looking for things and people who can further your business ventures. While you’re at a new city attending a conference, take time to do some sight seeing to learn about the local area. Network and connect with individuals and businesses and drop of your business cards. Networking happens online but don’t forget about the face-to-face networking while you travel. Hardly anything is more successful than a personal greeting and a handshake.

Always growing the business and looking for ways to improve it should be your goal. Yet don’t get so off track that you take no time off work and are constantly working 24/7. On the other hand, don’t become so complacent and undisciplined that you aren’t focusing on your business but putting crucial things to the side. Remain professional and personable and have a good grasp on your career and your personal life.

Finding that perfect balance is key and it’s easier said than done. It will take some trial and error as well as lots and lots of planning. Yet is is highly possible. Enjoy your life and enjoy your work. Always work toward that perfect balance in mixing business with pleasure.

About Stephane Manos

Stephane Manos has developed several online companies. While working as an online entrepreneur, he fell in love with the sales aspect and recruited some of the best clients and affiliates the companies have ever had. The fun, he found was in building the connections and relationships. One of Stephane's top qualities is being able to motivate. He found a passion in motivating others which in return motivated him. Happy colleagues and clients would send word-of-mouth referrals and increase traffic to his online businesses. Teamwork is something that Stephane promotes. The focus is not on self or individuals but in working as a team to reach the same goals. It is his role as a leader to lead the team by example. Currently, his interest is in real estate investments and financial investments. He is now looking into emerging markets such as the Middle East. He also believes some of the better deals can be found in certain parts of the United States. Many distressed buyers are looking to liquidate. Developing new online businesses, purchasing commercial and residential real estate, and developing rentals has led him to travel around the world. Stephane Manos contributes a portion of his time and earnings to charitable associations and philanthropic groups. His charities are: -Children's Telethon -AHEPA brotherhood and Shriners -REVIVRE Bipolar Support Assocation
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