Travelling Green – Why is plastic so bad?

We will frequently add blogs about “Travelling Green”.  Here are some reasons why plastic is bad.

Why plastic is so bad?

Plastic is still used just about everywhere, but it’s harmful to the environment because it can take centuries to break down and when it does, it separates into tiny toxic particles that contaminate the ground and water.

This means it ends up in our streams and oceans and rivers. Tiny pieces of plastic are consumed by fish, and those fish are eaten by humans, causing widespread harm.

On top of that, land animals eat it and suffocate. Some even get it caught around their necks and choke.

What’s even worse, plastic is made from oil. By using less plastic you help to preserve our natural resources.

Plastic also leaches into the water, liquids and foods that we drink and eat. It’s okay to use plastic bottles over again for storing items yet be sure to change your softer plastic water bottles to hard plastic bottles. This minimizes the toxins from getting into water and liquids.

Also, heating foods in plastic containers and plastic wrap in the microwave is not advisable as this releases toxins. Styrofoam is really risky as well as it will melt and ruin in the microwave.

Plastic is cheaper than organic materials such as stone, glass, and solid metal. Therefore, we cannot help but to use them. Cancer risks are everywhere. Just be sure to play it safe and strive for balance.

To find out more about the dangers of plastic visit Environmental Health News.



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