Planning For Your Success

Planning for your future is extremely important, despite the fact that they sometimes change. One way to plan for your future is to set goals. Goals are defined as: The end toward which effort is directed.

Part of the process of career planning is to set goals. Both long and short term goals are used to create an action plan. This action plan will take you step by step in reaching your goals. The goal is a specific objective. It can be an occupation, your place on the career ladder, or how much you want to earn.

Long term goals usually take anywhere between three and five years to reach. Short term goals can be reached in as little as one to three years. Short term goals are considered a stop on the way to our long term goals.

We often set goals when we are planning what it is we want to accomplish that day, that week, or month. These are simple goals. You figure out what you want to do, and then what you need to do, in order to get to that goal. When you have figured that out, you can concentrate on your long term plans for the future.

The actions you take to make those goals a reality play a big part in whether or not you reach them. The way you develop your goals, however, is important too.

There are no guarantees that you will succeed at every goal you set. You will increase your chances of reaching your chances of success if you follow these steps:

  • Your goals must be specific.
  • You have to envision the outcome of your goals.
  • Stay positive.
  • Keep your goals realistic.
  • Keep your goals reachable within your set time frame.
  • Make sure there is constant action tied to each goal.
  • Remember one last thing while you are setting your goals; you must remain flexible. If you come up against obstacles that feel like they are stopping the progress of reaching your goals, don’t give up. Keep moving forward, no matter what. As mentioned before, you may end up having to modify your goals or time frame to reach them, and you might even have to compromise a little to deal with the situation. If one of your goals is no longer relevant to your long term plans, then let it go. This will let you put all of your energy into working toward the goals that are important to you.

By following these steps to reach your goals, both long and short term, you will have the best chance of accomplishing the things you want the most.


About Stephane Manos

Stephane Manos has developed several online companies. While working as an online entrepreneur, he fell in love with the sales aspect and recruited some of the best clients and affiliates the companies have ever had. The fun, he found was in building the connections and relationships. One of Stephane's top qualities is being able to motivate. He found a passion in motivating others which in return motivated him. Happy colleagues and clients would send word-of-mouth referrals and increase traffic to his online businesses. Teamwork is something that Stephane promotes. The focus is not on self or individuals but in working as a team to reach the same goals. It is his role as a leader to lead the team by example. Currently, his interest is in real estate investments and financial investments. He is now looking into emerging markets such as the Middle East. He also believes some of the better deals can be found in certain parts of the United States. Many distressed buyers are looking to liquidate. Developing new online businesses, purchasing commercial and residential real estate, and developing rentals has led him to travel around the world. Stephane Manos contributes a portion of his time and earnings to charitable associations and philanthropic groups. His charities are: -Children's Telethon -AHEPA brotherhood and Shriners -REVIVRE Bipolar Support Assocation
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