10 Myths Regarding How to Make the Best Career Choices

Most people believe they know the correct way to choose a job, but they end up picking a career that they really don’t like. Below is are ten myths about choosing the perfect career.

#1 Choosing a career is easy

In reality, choosing the right career is a long process and you need take the time to really research it. Career planning is a process that requires learning about yourself and the jobs that you want so you can make an educated decision.

#2 A career counsellor will tell me what occupation is right

A career counselor can’t tell you which career is right for you. Only you have the answer to that. However, he or she can give you suggestions based on your interests and skills.

#3 I can’t make a living from my hobby

When you are picking a career, it’s a good idea to choose one that relates to your interests. Your chances of sticking with it are higher when you take this route. Many people become very good at their hobbies, even though the majority of their skills are gained without training.

#4 I should choose a career from a “Best Careers” list

Every year, there are many articles that list what experts think will be the next “hot jobs.” Of course, you can take a look at these jobs to see if any of the careers work for you you, but don’t let the list decide for you. The “predictions” are generally based on researched data, but things can change. You should also take your interests and skills into consideration when you are choosing your career. Just because the job is the next big thing, it doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

#5 Making a lot of money will make me happy

Yes, a good salary is important, but it shouldn’t be the only reason for your career choice. Surveys suggest that money doesn’t always create job satisfaction. For most people, loving what they do is more important than how much they make doing it. You do, however, need to take your salary into consideration because you still have bills to pay.

#6 Once I choose a career, I’ll have to do it forever

This isn’t true. If you become unhappy with your career, for whatever reason, you always have the option to change it. A lot of people have changed careers many times.

#7 If I change careers my skills will go to waste

You will never lose those skills. You can use them in any job in one form or another. You most likely won’t use them the same way, but they won’t go to waste.

#8 If someone I know is happy in a particular field, I will be too

What works for one person usually doesn’t work for another because everyone is different. Everyone has different skills and different interests. If someone you know is working in a field that you have an interest in you can take a look at it, but you may find it’s just not a good fit for you.

#9 All I have to do is pick an occupation, and things will fall into place

There’s a lot more work to do after you find the right career for you. A Career Action Plan will help you choose a career, get you hired and reach your long-term career goals.

#10 I can’t learn about an occupation until I actually work in it

First hand experience is one of the best ways to learn about a job, but there are certainly other ways to find out about them. Try reading up on it or possibly talking to others who work in that field.

Don’t let these myths get the better of you when you are looking into a new career or career change. Look at all of your options and find the right fit for you.


About Stephane Manos

Stephane Manos has developed several online companies. While working as an online entrepreneur, he fell in love with the sales aspect and recruited some of the best clients and affiliates the companies have ever had. The fun, he found was in building the connections and relationships. One of Stephane's top qualities is being able to motivate. He found a passion in motivating others which in return motivated him. Happy colleagues and clients would send word-of-mouth referrals and increase traffic to his online businesses. Teamwork is something that Stephane promotes. The focus is not on self or individuals but in working as a team to reach the same goals. It is his role as a leader to lead the team by example. Currently, his interest is in real estate investments and financial investments. He is now looking into emerging markets such as the Middle East. He also believes some of the better deals can be found in certain parts of the United States. Many distressed buyers are looking to liquidate. Developing new online businesses, purchasing commercial and residential real estate, and developing rentals has led him to travel around the world. Stephane Manos contributes a portion of his time and earnings to charitable associations and philanthropic groups. His charities are: -Children's Telethon -AHEPA brotherhood and Shriners -REVIVRE Bipolar Support Assocation
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