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Is the economy getting better or not?

It seems that people around the world log on to the Internet, watch t.v., listen to the radio and podcasts, and engage in communication find out if the economy is getting better or not. Many grab on to any hope … Continue reading

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Why Investing In U.S. Real Estate is Best

The housing market is still bad; however, people are still willing to invest in real estate because of the hundreds of foreclosures. Even foreign investors are getting in on the action. Real estate investment in the U.S. is more popular … Continue reading

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Risks involved in real estate investment

The recent downturn in the housing market has proven that there is risk involved in real estate investing. Before the “crisis”, real estate was looked at as a guaranteed investment. People were buying property one year and selling it a … Continue reading

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Why investing in real estate now is a good idea

Sure things don’t look too great in real estate right now. Many foreclosures and short sales continue even with the real estate market being “stabilized”. Investors do not like to see that foreclosures are still at an all-time high. There … Continue reading

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Investing in farm lands, agriculture, and commodities – farmers may be the next millionaires

In a previous blog, I mentioned that agriculture and farm lands will most likely make farmers and investors the next millionaires. I still strongly believe this is going to happen. Just take a look at history and see for yourself. … Continue reading

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Great Bargains in Las Vegas Condos Foreclosure and Short Sales

If you’re in the market for cheap and affordable Las Vegas condos, now is the perfect time to buy. With foreclosures and short sales abound throughout the United States and in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can purchase a condo at … Continue reading

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Why real estate will likely continue to be the main staple of our economy

Have you ever really thought about how real estate has, for the most part, been a main stay in any economy? As history has shown real estate has always been a great asset, something that is valuable, and increases in … Continue reading

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